60 classes for $80. Yes, you read that right!

Dear Parents,

As we move through our summer, it is evident that we must continue our online only Kindermusik program so that we can do our part in slowing the spread of Covid-19. The good news is that everyone is having a BLAST! If you joined us for Session A or are currently in our Bilingual Birdies program, we thank you for being part of our Grow and Sing Studios family. If you are already enrolled in our upcoming session B, we can’t wait to see you. We are sending this email out to everyone in the hopes that you will either learn about our upcoming session B and consider signing up, OR share the info with a friend or family member (anywhere because it’s online!). We are SO excited to begin the second half of our summer programming next week, July 20th.

screengrabHere’s an overview. Our award winning program is recommended for children newborn through age 7. Summer session B is 5 weeks long. Each week we offer 12 virtual interactive zoom classes and events that you are welcome to attend. Summer B is $80, TOTAL. This fee covers your entire household. So, for $80, you have unlimited access to 60 classes. PLUS you’ll receive digital online resources (music, e-book, activities) to enhance the learning. Just to make sure it’s clear, this program is UNLIMITED. You can attend ALL classes each week if you want to (and some folks do!). We have been told by parents that our virtual enrichment program is making life easier and enhancing their family’s days together during a very difficult time.

I went live yesterday on Facebook and Instagram to further explain how this works, and to unveil our upcoming themed units. So to learn more, click on this youtube video.

If you ever have any questions or need any help signing up, don’t hesitate to touch base with us. Sign up today and you’ll receive a welcome email with login info soon after.

Wishing you health, safety, and beautiful musical moments together,

Holly Lesnick, Director/Owner

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P.S. Did you miss our 15th anniversary celebration? It was a sing along celebration like no other. Check it out here, and enjoy! ‌

A message from Ms. Holly

If you are of the opinion that it’s a bit too soon for you and your young baby or child to attend group classes, please keep reading.

Our studio philosophy is to follow a child where he or she is developmentally. A one, two or three year old needs to have the freedom to move around, explore, hug, kiss, pick up things, put objects in their mouth, drop things, hold hands and be free. That is what is developmentally appropriate.

In order for a child to participate in these developmentally appropriate things, a child needs to feel safe. Can a child feel completely safe in a situation where they are being pulled back to their “spot”, wearing a mask, told not to touch things and told to keep distance from their friends? At this point we don’t think so and that isn’t our developmental goal.

To truly meet our goal which is to connect you as a family through the magic of music, we feel this can best be accomplished at home, with our licensed (and very talented) educators leading you the entire way online. Our entire team brings their strengths and talents to you each and every class. We can safely interact with your family without any limitations for your child. We have seen firsthand during our online classes that children are able to learn alongside their parent the things that we strive to teach whether in person or online. Elements such as parental bonding, eye contact, singing, rhythm, dancing, steady beat, exercise, language. All of which can be accomplished at home with full exploration and freedom. At such time that we can feel we can deliver a developmentally appropriate in person experience, we will do so.

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SO, we are REALLY EXCITED to start our online UNLIMITED Summer house party. Pick a track for one fee, and attend each and every class and event we offer each week. Those include classes, dance parties, sing-a-longs, puppet shows, themed events, instrument demos and so much more. Come and go as you please, and enjoy connecting through music together. Thank you so much for your time, and we can’t wait to make music with you! Click here to learn more. 

xo Holly


We were just awarded our 13th consecutive Kindermusik Top program award. We are in the top 1% of Kindermusik programs in the world

FREE Virtual Kindermusik Demo Days

Have you experienced a virtual Kindermusik class with Grow and Sing Studios? If you haven’t, we would love for you to join us this Wednesday – Friday during any and all of our Online Virtual Kindermusik House Party classes and events! These are our final days of our Spring classes.
Here’s the schedule for Wednesday – Friday. Sign up and you can attend unlimited classes below.

10:00 am – Mixed age Kindermusik class with the Grow and Sing Studios team
Typical age range is newborn through 7 years old. Activities will include Hello, Goodbye, and Quiet time rituals along with rhythm play, dancing, story time and active listening.

11:30 am – Level 3 Kindermusik class with the Grow and Sing Studios team
Typical age range is 3 – 5 years old (but tons of fun for the older kids too!). Activities are part of the Toys I Made, Trips I Take curriculum. This week is all about boats and the sea!

9:30 am – Foundations Kindermusik class with the Grow and Sing Studios team
Typical age range is newborn to walking. Activities will include Hello, Goodbye and Quiet time rituals, along with massage, exercise, and story time.

11:00 am – Bilingual Birdies with Ms. Marisol
Typical age range is 2 – 5 years, but everyone is welcome to learn some Spanish! Bilingual Birdies is a super fun foreign language and music program where we teach basic vocabulary and short phrases in Spanish through music, dance, and puppetry.

12:00 pm – Summer Q & A with Owners Holly and Will
Do you have questions about Summer programming ? We are here to answer your questions and help pick the option best for your family! Holly and Will will be available for an informal discussion open house style.

7:00 pm – Summer Q & A with Owners Holly and Will
Do you have questions about Summer programming ? We are here to answer your questions and help pick the option best for your family! Holly and Will will be available for an informal discussion open house style.

Join us in some 20ish minute activities for our Fun Friday!
10:00 am – Sing along with the Grow and Sing Studios Team
12:00 pm – Teacher Takeover
Owners Ms. Holly and Mr. Will are stepping back for the rest of the day to get ready for a high school graduation activity with their daughter. SO, while the cats are away, the mice shall play! Come on in for some FUN (we would tell you what to expect, but we don’t even know… it’s a secret!)
7:00 pm – Lullabies and stories with with Ms. Marisol

To receive the login information, a sign up is required. Click this link:
Please let us know you want to attend our Virtual Kindermusik House Party Free DEMO DAYS. We will need your name, child’s name, phone number and email address in order to send you the login info.

If you are already part of our online house party in May, please share with a friend so they can check out our program in preparation for Summer! Just a reminder that since classes will be virtual, anyone anywhere can join!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

with music and magic, The Grow and Sing Team

top program 2020


Our School Year includes 34 weeks of classes with some scheduled weeks off which are noted below.
Kindermusik Virtual+ School Year begins – Aug. 31 – Sept. 4

Bilingual Birdies Online begins – New Unit begins Sept. 7 (Aug. 31 class is included in enrollment)
Kindermusik Virtual+ School Year ends – May 24 – 28
Bilingual Birdies Online runs year round. Scheduled breaks are the same as all other classes. 

OFF – Thanksgiving week – Nov. 23 – 27
OFF – Holiday/Winter break 
– Dec. 21 – Jan. 10
OFF – Spring Break – March 15 – 19, 2021

All classes held online via zoom in a secure classroom. Due to licensing agreements and child protection laws, we do not record classes. All classes are live and interactive.


Our Summer includes 10 weeks of in person & online virtual classes! 

Summer session A (five weeks)
Winter Park and Port Orange: June 7 – July 9
UCF and Winter Garden: June 7 – July 16 (no class 6/28/2021 – 7/2/2021)

Summer session B (five weeks)
All Locations: July 19 – August 20

Monthly Online Virtual Bilingual Birdies runs along with the dates above including scheduled breaks.  

Classes in Summer will be offered in person and virtually. An option of attending both in person and virtual is available as well. In person classes will be held as long as covid-19 conditions continue to improve and we feel it is safe to hold them. In person classes will have safety protocols including mask wearing in order to attend. Virtual classes will continue no matter what! More information about Summer will be available soon.