Online Spanish Bilingual Birdies+

Age Range: 2 – 7  years old
Class Length: 45 minute class with caregiver optional based on child’s age.
Class Day and Time: Held weekly on Mondays at 11am AND 5:30pm. Your enrollment includes both of these class options. You can attend one, or both! Classes are held on Zoom. This enrollment package also includes 12 unlimited Kindermusik Virtual+ classes per week. Essentially you have 14 options to choose to attend (for your entire family) each week! Please note the Kindermusik Virtual+ classes have a different zoom link. Bilingual Birdies has it’s own zoom link.
School Year Length: Subscription is monthly and is $80 per month per family. Virtual classes held 30 weeks of school year with scheduled breaks (see calendar at bottom of page). Enroll anytime. Fees are pro-rated based on when you enroll.
This class is virtual, so any family, anywhere can join!

Pricing & Payment information

✔ Monthly subscription fee: $80 per household for access to the weekly Monday 11am and 5:30pm Bilingual Birdies Class AND unlimited Kindermusik Virtual+ programming at Grow and Sing Studios. This monthly fee includes all age appropriate children in your home plus online digital resources. Digital resources include Bilingual Birdies music, e-books and online activities. A puppet is included in enrollment at the start of each new 4 unit semester.
✔ School Year Subscription is NOT A CONTRACT, and you can opt out at any time by notifying us by email prior to the 1st of the upcoming month. Once a payment is processed for that month, it is non-refundable. Cancellation for future months will then go into effect. A verbal cancellation is not valid. This must be done in writing/email. (Email cancellation to )
✔ Monthly convenient payments: First payment will be charged at time of sign up. Further payments will be charged on the first of each future month – October, November, December, January, February, March and April. Enroll anytime. Fees are pro-rated based on when you enroll. 


Bilingual Birdies Orlando is a super fun foreign language and music program where we teach basic vocabulary and short phrases in Spanish through music, dance, and puppetry. It is similar to Kindermusik in that the root of the entire class is based in music. In Bilingual Birdies, the music is very hip and upbeat which evokes positive emotion and triggers memory. This makes learning new words a joyful experience. The primary goal of a Bilingual Birdies class is to teach new vocabulary in a foreign language, celebrate diversity, and have fun while learning!

ZeeGreenBirdieNEW UNITS ARE COMING! We are excited to dive into these new units during Spring 2021: School is Cool, Shapes, Emotions, & Construction.

There are so many benefits to exposing a child to a second language before the age of five. The list includes:
  1. Advanced cognitive development
  2. Stronger executive function
  3. Heightened sensitivity for other languages and cultures to become a more open-minded adult
  4. Increased opportunities in global job market

Marisol LaBoy is our Bilingual Birdies licensee. She is also one of our seasoned and outstanding Grow and Sing Studios Kindermusik educators. She is a native speaker and her love for the Spanish language and Latin culture makes us proud to have her leading the bilingual fun at Grow and Sing! She is so excited to transform our Zoom room into an unforgettable cultural experience while introducing Spanish vocabulary through song, dance, and puppetry.

BirdiesInAPartyThe Bilingual Birdies we have met so far! The Bilingual Birdies are a group of five best friends who all met in New York City at Love-A-Lot Preschool, which is a multilingual school and highlights various languages from all over the world. Each of these friends comes from a different background where they speak different languages at home with their families. So far here at Grow and Sing Studios, we have introduced three year old Myla Birdie. She is the leader of the pack and she is from Mexico. She grew up speaking Spanish at home and is extremely proud of her heritage. We met Biko Birdie this past Summer. He is a very funny and clumsy friend of Myla. He grew up speaking Spanish at home because his grandparents are from Colombia. Biko is a bright blue, bold, and courageous birdie who sticks up for his friends and loves pizza. Zee Birdie is joining us for the first time this Fall! Four year old, he is a child of hippie parents and speaks three languages – Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese and English. His family is from Macau and he truly got the best of many worlds growing up there and traveling all over the world. Those travels have taught him to respect all cultures, languages, and diverse people.

Bilingual Birdies was first started in New York City 12 years ago by Sarah Farzam, a trilingual educator and graduate from UCLA. The program has been featured on CNN, NY Times, Univision, BBC, and the Today Show. It has also become the premiere foreign language and music program for preschoolers and toddlers. The curriculum was created in collaboration with outstanding music therapists from NYU, the best musicians in New York from all over the world, and PhDs from the World Arts and Culture department from UCLA. Bilingual Birdies licensed educators are incredible bilingual early educators who have a genuine love for music, language, culture, and of course sharing all of that with children.

Since the back end office system we use with Kindermusik International was created for an in person, ongoing experience there are a few things in the following sign up form we weren’t able to customize. So, please be assured of the following:

1. Online classes START on August 31, 2020 but goes much more often and longer than Monday at 11am and 5pm since Kindermusik Virtual+ is included in your enrollment package. We were forced to list something in order to make enrollment possible. You’ll have unlimited access to any and all broadcasts!
2. We only have permission to broadcast live. Recording music by Kindermusik goes against our license agreement with Kindermusik International, as well as child protection laws.


Our School Year includes 30 weeks of classes with some scheduled weeks off which are noted below.
Kindermusik Virtual+ School Year begins – Aug. 31 – Sept. 4
Bilingual Birdies Online begins – New Unit begins Sept. 7 (Aug. 31 class is included in enrollment)
OFF – Thanksgiving week – Nov. 23 – 27
OFF – Holiday/Winter break 
– Dec. 21 – Jan. 10
OFF – Spring Break – March 15 – 19, 2021


Kindermusik Virtual+ School Year ends – April 26 – 30
Bilingual Birdies Online ends – April 26

All classes held online via zoom in a secure classroom. Due to licensing agreements and child protection laws, we do not record classes. All classes are live and interactive. We hope to resume in person classes in 2021 as soon as it is safe to do so. Currently Covid-19 numbers in Florida are too high to consider in person experiences.

Central FL:  407-970-2774

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