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This Blue Dress Blog Kindermusik Orlando

"What we LOVE about Grow and Sing Studios Kindermusik Virtual Classes - The Amazing Teachers! We’ve taken classes from five different teachers, and they’ve all been so engaging, fun, and kind. The classes have an in-person feel because the teachers make an effort to get to know and remember the students’ names, preferences, and personalities."

- This Blue Dress Mom Blog (READ REVIEW HERE)

Testimonial for Kindermusik with Grow and Sing Studios

"When the pandemic started and we pulled my 11 mo Laurel out of daycare, I really worried she would be missing a lot of developmental activities and socialization while at home with us. Enter Grow and Sing Studios Kindermusik virtual classes. Everyday we are working on spatial awareness, motor development, relaxation/quiet time, dancing, singing, tapping, and most importantly, connecting with each other and the teachers and other students. I wasn’t sure if the classes would translate well virtually or if this was just “screen time,” but after participating for the past month I KNOW Laurel is learning, connecting, and having fun engaging with me. The classes are a blast for me too - dad and Grandma agree! We leave each session filled with JOY. To illustrate how much we are learning… yesterday as we entered the Quiet Time song one of the Grow and Sing teachers taught us how to breathe deeply. I didn’t know if Laurel was paying attention but I followed along with the breathing. Today when the Quiet Time song came on, Laurel stopped what she was doing, calmly came over, and starting taking deep breaths and blowing them out. 11 MONTHS OLD! Thank you Ms. Holly, Mr. Will and all the Kindermusik teachers for being a bright light in an uncertain time! Laurel and I are so happy we found you!"

- Lindsay B - Laurel's Mommy

Meet our Team:

Our licensed, skilled and caring teaching staff is fully dedicated to delivering your family the highest quality and most enjoyable experience possible. Our goal for each and every class is to lead you through an enriching experience with care and compassion. All of our Licensed Kindermusik Educators are background checked and participate in ongoing professional development to ensure curriculum in class is always new and exciting! Our staff are all wonderful musicians and teachers, and we truly LOVE what we do. Together, for 14 years running, we have achieved Kindermusik Top Program Status, and are ranked in the top 50 of Kindermusik teams worldwide. We have also been awarded Kindermusik Brand Ambassador. Come experience one of the best! We can’t wait to see you in class!