Age Range: Newborn – 18 months
Class Length: 45 minute class with caregiver
Session Length: Held once a week with scheduled breaks (see calendar at bottom of page)


  • Option A – $60 per month for our school year monthly subscription, which guarantees your space through May 2015 and includes all materials (books, music, instruments and more). Click here to read about this option and it’s many perks. Become a monthly subscriber at any time. Subscribers save $10 per school year, get 4 bonus classes and enjoy other perks.
  • Option B – 15 classes pay in full up front – $245.00 for Fall and $245.00 for Spring.

Dual Enrollment Deal: Sign up for 2 or more classes or children, get $25 off!
Please note that any multiple class or child pricing (along with any other deductions that need to be made as per your note during registration) listed above will be adjusted AFTER you enroll. We review all registrations prior to any charges being made. Our system computes classes on the full price basis only and we adjust for you after we receive! Thank you! 


Kindermusik Village, for children newborn to 18 months of age, incorporates the most current research on early childhood development and provides families a special place for learning and connecting with other parents and babies through music and movement. Hi quality, professionally created class and At Home Materials include Kindermusik Foundations of Learning, insights based on current research that educate parents about their baby’s unique development.

Classes include instrument play, scarves, dancing, singing, rocking, massage, exercise, drumming and SO much more!

FALL CLASSES (see calendar at bottom of page)


Weeks 1 – 8: Zoom  Buggy!
Swoosh, vroom, and clickety-clack your way through this delightful unit. Babies and adults will dance, sing, and play instruments to the theme of being on the go. Chug around the room to the song “Little Red Caboose,” hold on tightly while “Riding in the Buggy,” and dance your way to “Zoom-e-oh!”  Engage in rituals and playful activities such as infant massage, lap bounces, exercise, and quiet time. 


dp_wbag_00106004_thumbWeeks 9 – 15:  Dream Pillow — This title alone brings images of rocking, cuddling, singing, and lulling to sleep.  But leading up to sleepy time are many upbeat and playful activities.  Babies and Adults will swirl to a dreamy cloud dance “Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland.” They’ll also play baby appropriate instruments to “Aiken Drum,” and “Sarasponda.” Favorite nursery rhymes like “Wee Willie Winkie,” and “Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling,” are sprinkled throughout the classes. It’s easy to weave many of the class songs and activities into your families’ daily routines. 

SPRING CLASSES (see calendar at bottom of page)

0-01-07001Weeks 1 – 8:  Hickory, Dickory, Tickle, and Bounce — Research shows the more you expose your baby to nursery rhymes and songs, the stronger those emerging language-learning skills will be. That’s why these Mother Goose-like stories and rhymes are the main theme of this class. Plus, you’ll develop research-proven communication strategies with your child through listening activities, speaking “parentese,” and sign language.


0-01-08001Weeks 9 – 15:  The Rhythm of My Day – This class will help you bring more rhythm and routine to your baby’s day, as well as help develop lasting learning skills. We’ll show you how and tell you why music can help your little one soothe into the day’s schedule and help build a strong body and mind network for learning. You can bring home those same stress-free play and relaxation techniques from class, and incorporate them into your daily routines.

What a Parent and Child Will Experience in Class:

Variety of Music — Musical diversity builds strong neural in a baby’s forming mind, which is why each Kindermusik semester contains an array of styles, sounds, and genres.

Instrument Play — Age-appropriate experiences with child-safe instruments enhance a sense of rhythm and steady beat, develops a keen awareness of the distinguishing qualities of sound, and encourages spontaneity and creativity.

Dance — A classroom full of baby and adult pairs dancing together helps a little body develop the muscle strength needed to crawl and walk and helps a little heart to fall in love with the sheer joy of responding to music.

Together Time — A Kindermusik class is truly the essence of “quality time,” offering the parent a place to create special memories with their child, gain new insights into their child’s development, and nurture their child’s natural love of music.

Expert Advice — A Kindermusik Educator explains “what-to-watch-for” every step of the way and how each activity enhances a child’s complete development.

Learning Continues at Home — With the home materials, the learning continues at home with the child’s best teacher—the parent!



Class Registration

Starts Ends Session Class Day Time Class Location
08/31/15 12/14/15 Fall 2015 Kindermusik Village Mon 10:00 am - 10:45 am Village - FALL 2015 (Sept - Dec) - Ms. Angelyn Oviedo Mall (Oviedo/Winter Springs) 1000 1
09/01/15 12/15/15 Fall 2015 Kindermusik Village Tue 9:30 am - 10:15 am Village - FALL 2015 (Sept - Dec) - Ms. Angelyn Winter Park Community Center (Winter Park) 0930 2
09/02/15 12/16/15 Fall 2015 Kindermusik Village Wed 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm Village - FALL 2015 (Sept - Dec) - Ms. Holly University Unitarian Universalist Society (UCF / East Orlando) 1200 3
09/02/15 12/16/15 Fall 2015 Kindermusik Village Wed 10:00 am - 10:45 am Village - FALL 2015 (Sept - Dec) - Ms. Kristen The Right Combination Dance Studio (Winter Garden) 1000 3
09/03/15 12/17/15 Fall 2015 Kindermusik Village Thu 9:30 am - 10:15 am Village - FALL 2015 (Sept - Dec) - Ms. Angelyn Northshore at Lake Hart Recreation Center (Lake Nona) 0930 4
09/04/15 12/18/15 Fall 2015 Kindermusik Village Fri 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm Village - FALL 2015 (Sept - Dec) - Ms. Angelyn Dance 360 Orlando (Downtown/Baldwin Park) 1200 5
  • Click enroll now links for payment terms. We welcome registrants even after the semester begins as long as there is room in the class you want to join. Fees would be pro-rated at that time. Class size is limited to ensure the highest quality experience.
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  • At Home Materials include: 2 Baby’s Literature Books, 2 instruments,  2 Home CDs, 2 Art Banners and 2 carry bags.


Each summer we offer 2 sessions (A & B) of a 1 week long drop off camp plus 5 weeks of 1X/week of adult/child interactive music and art classes.

June 8 – 12 – SESSION A DROP OFF CAMP M-F 9:30am – 12pm

June 15 – 19 – Weekday Classes – week 1 Winter Garden begins week #2 on 6/24
June 22 – 26 – Weekday Classes – week 2
June 29 – July 4 – NO CLASSES Winter Garden and all Volusia classes will hold this week.
July 6 – 10 – Weekday Classes – week 3
July 13 – 17 –  Weekday Classes – week 4 Volusia Classes end.
July 20 – 24 – Weekday Classes – week 5

July 27 – 31 – SESSION B DROP OFF CAMP M-F 9:30am – 12pm

Saturday classes at UCF/E. Orlando
*June 27
*July 11
*July 18
*July 25
August 1
* Denotes Free family jam hours at UCF/East Orlando location from 12pm – 1pm for enrolled families from any class and location. No free family jam on July 4th or August 1st.


30 weeks of weekly classes
Fall Classes begin
 – August 31 – September 4, 2015
OFF – November 23 – 27 (THANKSGIVING BREAK)
Fall Classes end – December 14 – 18, 2015
Middle of year break (Happy Holidays!) – December 19 – January 24
Spring Classes begin – January 25 – 29, 2016
OFF – March 21 – 27 (SPRING BREAK)
Classes end – May 9 – 13, 2016

A la carte monthly Saturday family music class at UCF/E. Orlando location:
*Sept. 12, 2015
*Oct. 10, 2015
Nov. 7, 2015
*Nov. 21, 2015 (Annual Holiday free photo and vendor event for Registered Families, 12pm – must have at least one registered child in our program for your family to attend)
*Dec. 5, 2015
*Jan. 23, 2016
*Feb. 20, 2016
*March 19, 2016 (Annual Easter Egg Hunt for Registered Families, 12pm – must have at least one registered child in our program for your family to attend) 
April 16, 2016
*May 7, 2016

* Denotes free Saturday family jam hour at UCF/East Orlando location from 12pm – 1pm for enrolled families in any class.


Central FL:  407-970-2774

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